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Buy loose fresh produce and stock up on dry goods from zero waste shops using reusable produce bags and containers.

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Why this pledge is so important

A truck load of plastic is emptied into the ocean every minute, that’s 8 million tonnes of plastic a year, killing 100,000 marine animals who mistake plastic waste for food. 

No matter how diligent we are, recycling is not enough. In Australia, we consume almost 2 million tonnes of plastic a year, 88.5% of it isn't recycled, so it ends up in landfills or in our oceans. And guess what? Food packaging is the worst culprit.

6 tips to shop unpacked

    1. Ditch the supermarket 
      • It’s almost impossible to do a shop without buying something wrapped in plastic. 
    2. Shop local
      • Go to your local greengrocer, bakery, deli, butcher and fishmonger for your weekly shop.
      • You’ll have a much better chance of buying plastic-free food, plus you’re also helping support local businesses. 
    3. Hit the farmers market 
      • The most sustainable way to buy your food, with the smallest carbon footprint and hopefully no plastic in sight. 
    4. Zero waste stores 
      • Great for all of your spices, cereals, pasta, nuts, chocolate, tea, coffee, spreads and so much more. 
    5. Take your own bags and containers
      • Wherever you’re shopping to reduce your need for plastic. 
    6. Fruit and veg boxes
      • They’re delivered straight to your door. Use Good & Fugly to save perfectly good veg from being wasted, or the Organic Scarecrow for eggs, bread and lots of other goodies.

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