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Only buy loose fresh produce and stock up on dry good from zero waste shops using re-usable produce bags and containers.

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Why this pledge is so important

The equivalent to a lorry load of plastic is emptied into the sea every minute, that’s 8 million tons of plastic entering our oceans every year. This means 100,000 marine animals mistake our plastic waste for food and die because of it.

 No matter how vigilant we are with recycling, it’s simply not enough. 91% of plastic is not recycled, so it ends up in landfills or in our oceans and food packaging is the worst culprit.

 The supermarkets have made it almost impossible to shop without bringing home our weekly shop laden with unwanted plastic wrapping. We recommend avoiding supermarkets all together and going back to your local butchers, fishmongers, greengrocers, delis and bakeries. You’ll have a much better chance of choosing food without plastic wrapping and you are also supporting your local businesses! Use Zero Waste Near Me to locate your nearest zero waste shop.

 If you live in a city use a veg box scheme like Oddbox to get your unpackaged veg delivered to your door.

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