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Try a plant-based diet for the duration of your pledge, that means no food containing animal products including meat, fish, dairy and eggs.

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Why this pledge is so important

‘A vegan diet is probably the best way to reduce your impact on planet Earth.’ Joseph Poore, School of Geography and the Environment, The University of Oxford.

Cutting down on animal products reduces carbon dioxide and methane emissions, land and water use, rainforest deforestation and destruction of wildlife. Animal farming uses up 83% of agricultural land, but only provides 18% of global calories. 40% global warming is caused by forest clearance to make way for animal agriculture which has threatened 25,000 species with extinction.

Fishing is also an inefficient way of eating, for every 1kg of fish caught up to 5kg of unintended marine species are caught and thrown away as by-kill. We’ve already killed 90% of big ocean predatory fish, it’s predicted that by 2048 our planet will run out of saltwater fish.

A plant-based diet will reduce the amount of water we need to produce our food by 25%. It takes 1,000 litres of water to make 1 litre of dairy milk, compared to 297 litres for 1 litre of soy milk.

 Eating plant-based is a global growing trend because of the impact we now understand our diet has on the planet. Due to popular demand there is now a plant-based alternative for pretty much everything, we’re not saying it’s easy but it’s definitely far more do-able than ever before.

There are brilliant chefs and food bloggers providing easy, quick and, most importantly, delicious plant-based recipes using inexpensive and accessible ingredients. We love the Bosh! recipes and their creative plant-based take on classics, like their Crispy Chilli Tofu!

Give yourself a challenge, try it for a month and see if you can keep up this lifestyle change, it has brilliant health benefits too!

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