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Switch to a re-usable bottle, cup and cutlery when you're on the go

Cut out your single-use plastic waste when you’re out and about.

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Why this pledge is so important

The UK throws away 295 billion pieces of plastic every year, 93% are single-use.

We have become obsessed with a fast-paced, consumerist way of living. We want everything to be ready straight away and to have it on the go. Whilst this is convenient, our throw away culture is having a detrimental impact on our planet. 

On average, each person uses 150 plastic water bottles per year, that’s 9kg of plastic per person! If you have a takeaway drink twice a week, you’re wasting over 100 cups a year. Takeaway cups are hard to recycle because of their plastic coating to prevent liquid leaking out, so most of them end up in landfill. This problem is easily rectifiable by investing in a re-usable cup, bottle and cutlery when we’re on the go.

We love Frank Green’s leakproof coffee cup, they also have them in stainless steel to keep drinks hot as well. The Ocean Bottle is a beautifully designed water bottle made from recycled plastic collected from the ocean. As for the cutlery, just grab some from home and keep it in a cloth bag. 

Everyone should be making this switch, there really is no longer an excuse for using single-use plastic bottles or coffee cups, especially as there are thousands of water refill stations popping up all over the world. Download the Refill App to find out where to fill up your bottle on the go. 

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