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Why this pledge is so important

Globally, around 8% of greenhouse gas emissions are accounted for by tourism. This includes food, shopping and hotels but the greatest impact is made by travel. We all know that taking a plane is not the most efficient way to travel and research shows that flying accounts for up to 75% of the world’s tourism-related greenhouse gas emissions. So choosing to stay nearer to home really cuts the carbon footprint of your holiday.

Even travelling by car will significantly reduce the environmental impact  of your holiday but going by train or bus reduces it even more and can add an extra level of relaxation to your trip. 

We all love to travel and exploring foreign countries can be enriching and fulfilling but holidaying closer to home can be just as fun and rewarding so before you book your flights check out the environmental impact of your trip and see what you can do to reduce your own carbon footprint.

If you normally fly off to capital cities to take part in famous races consider choosing your next marathon based on how near it is to you, then work out how to get there by train.

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