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If you live in a city with good transport links give up ride-hailing apps and taxis and walk, cycle, take the bus or train.

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Why this pledge is so important

A shift away from car travel is the single low-carbon measure with the greatest socio-economic co-benefits.

Four out of five journeys in Britain are now made by car, van or taxi and there are 39.4 million licensed vehicles on the UK’s roads, more than one car for every two human beings in the country. 

In that case, surely the likes of Uber and taxis are good news as they reduce the need for car ownership?  Well, it seems not.

While taxis and the like can help reduce private car ownership it is the overall miles travelled by car and the carbon emissions that count. So it is only by opting to take the bus, train or tube, walk or cycle that you are helping to reduce CO2 emissions.

Also ride-hailing technology puts more, not fewer cars on the road and into congested areas reducing the use of public transport.  In the top major 9 cities where Uber and other similar companies operate 60% of users would have taken public transport, walked or biked, had a taxi service not been available.

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