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26th August 2021

What am I doing...

Hi! I am training for the UTMB OCC 54km trail run through the Swiss Valais region starting in Orsières and ending in Chamonix! The route covers 3,500m or 11,483 ft in elevation. Wow...where I live in Copenhagen that is 41 times the highest elevation point! Time to get training!

In order to run in this race I had to complete qualifying races of certain difficulty and length. I ran 2 50km trail races in 2019, rested for the past year and a half, and now am ready to accept my challenge of running participating in one of the trail running world's most famous event!

One of the things I love about trail running is the opportunity to be outside in gorgeous nature and explore new places. It is important to me to be responsible as a runner benefiting from the nature I so enjoy. The two 50km trail races I participated in leading up to the UTMB were both environmentally responsible races, requiring runners to bring their own cups and leave no trace or face race expulsion.

I am asking you to support my training by taking a pledge to support our beautiful environment.

Looking for inspiration?

- take 1 day a week off from eating meat

- don't use any plastic one time use water bottles

- don't use any take out coffee cups

- Only use reusable bags when food shopping

Whatever you can commit to, I hope you will accept the challenge!

It will mean so much to me as I attempt to climb up the mountains along my course to know that my own challenge running may be able to encourage others to take on a challenge themselves!