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South West Coast Path (Cornwall Section) - Hike 330 miles in <14 Days

25th April 2021

What am I doing...

Summary: I am going to hike 330 miles in less than 14 days. I am seeking your support through a personal pledge to change your behaviour, which will make a small but lasting impact on our planet. I am seeking at least 330 pledges.

In my job I have the privilege of helping Energy companies with their Sustainability & Low Carbon agendas, and I am trying to extend that as much as possible into my personal life. The messages and understanding on caring for our environment is finally starting to stick. Policy makers, climate campaigners, C-suite, technical advisors and alike are starting to collaborate much more on finding ways to help us all reduce waste and limit our CO2 emissions.

It is not going to be easy and it will take many years to see the changes ripple through, but one thing we can all do to make a collective difference is change our own behaviours. If the c.8 billion people on our planet can all make at least one lasting change it will make a big difference. These changes don't need to be big, but they need to be enduring and sustaining, and we need to be honest with ourselves about committing to them. Take a look at for ideas, plus there are hundreds out there if you can take a moment to browse the net.

So, I would like your sponsorship for this challenge event through your personal pledge and commitment to make a real permanent change. Some of the changes I have recently made are as follows:

- 95% of my grocery shopping is purchased without the use of the car (i.e. on foot)

- attempting to buy groceries which are home grown or only in season (e.g. no more fresh food transported via plane)

- where I need to buy something, I am trying to buy any goods second hand rather than new (e.g. I purchased a second hand solar power bank recently)

- reducing live streaming services, as this generates Energy from remote data centres (e.g. pre-download podcasts)

- trying as hard as possible to not throw any food away (i.e. use what you already have if you can)

- eating veggie meals at least 3 days per week (... have you tried my fabulous chickpea curry?)

- buying items that are environmentally friendly even if they may cost a little more (e.g. my water bottles are biodegradable)

- reduce use of plastic wherever possible (i.e. at home, the shops, travel & accommodation)

From 25th April 2021, I will be hiking c.25 miles per day and will need to carry all my equipment (e.g. tent, clothes, provisions). To add a further dimension of complexity, the Government rules on camping under the pandemic will not be fully relaxed until 17th May, so I will need to travel with additional equipment that allows me to be self-sufficient.

The South West Coast Path (SWCP) is one of the UK's longest (630 miles total), most dramatic and historical paths. It hugs the coastline across four counties with some of the most beautiful landscape and dramatic terrain contained within the Cornish section. I have always wanted to hike the entire path with my wife (Claire) but we would need to take 2-3 months to do it properly without rushing... so I have decided to get an early taster of the path and undertake this personal challenge whilst I am in between jobs.

I am looking for at least 330 pledges to cover at least the miles on this hike - of course, I would love to exceed that. If you can offer more than one pledge then please do so, but it has to be something you will stick to ... forever!

Thank you for your support. We can all make a difference.


Oh, and if you fancy joining me in full or in part on this trip I would love to have you join!!!