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Lauren Tischendorf

LT's Epic Adventure Swim

16th April 2021

What am I doing...

Attempting to be the fastest person to solo, single session, circumnavigate the 35 km's around Lord Howe Island is Lauren Tischendorf. A lover of water and the joy, flow and tranquility the ocean provides has led to a new epic challenge for current, reigning female New South Wales 5km age ocean swim champion. Lauren has always been heckled that she could not swim as well, as far out, nor as fast as her fellow male counterparts (she thrives in 8ft ocean swell, but that's for another time). An incident in the early part of Covid (mid-Winter) with a group of men, a flippant comment, sent the headstrong Lauren to set them wrong. Whilst stubbornness will only get a person so far, the adventurer at heart had to look within her home state of New South Wales to set her new challenge. The perfect location, yet importantly the ecological wonders of World Heritage Listed Lord Howe Island could not be a more perfect stage for the circumnavigation. The foundation of the challenge to emphasise that women, like men can achieve beyond the realm of what may seem possible is vital. Along with this, is non-negotiable of making the trip self-sufficient and eco-friendly to ensure that the ecology is not interfered with.