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Gold Coast 2023 Crew

Gold Coast Marathon

2nd July 2023

What am I doing...

As you might’ve heard, in July we’ll be competing in the Gold Coast Marathon. For the past few months, we’ve all invested a ridiculous amount of energy into preparing for it.

Highlights include:

- Moff treating this race as if it’s the biggest event of his year. And Gab isn’t even the person most aggrieved by that priority (sorry, LGFCC).

- James ditching the tailored suit for an equally tailored Lululemon combo.

- Imy inventing her own ice-bath technique; legs in the ice while wearing a beanie + jumper (unsure if there's any efficacy in this technique?).

- Munro applying almost as much of a calculated approach to his training as he does to his dating.

- Nic and Julz using the Saturday longies to undo their many contradictions to the virtues espoused to their students by Healthy Harold every year.

- Lachy spending just as much time sweating it out in the SCG sauna as he is running.

- Estelle getting upset that everyone in her life only ever asks her about running when clearly she is also…. a DJ?

- Benny who loves running that much, he manages to jizz on himself every long run.

So, in the spirit of each of us allowing running to become a disproportionate priority in our lives, we’re inviting you too to commit to a new priority in your life in support of our efforts.

Instead of donating money, we ask that you make an environmental pledge.

Also, we rub anti-inflammatory cream that is only approved for use in horses into our joints. Match out dedication, make a pledge below.

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