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24th November 2023

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Climate change is impacting sport more than ever before. We have seen examples of this in Australia, and globally around the world. No athlete, whether an elite professional or community player, is immune to climate change, which is causing extreme weather events that are a health hazard to athletes and spectators.

At the 2014 Aus Open, over 1000 spectators were treated for heat exhaustion. Up until 2019, 13/19 GIANTS AFLW home games were impacted by extreme rains. And in 2018, England's cricket captain, Joe Root, was hospitalised as the air temperature at the Sydney Ashes Test his 41.9C. We've most recently seen the AFL make a decision to move the AFLW to be played in August rather than over the summer, in part to avoid putting players and fans at risk when playing & watching in extreme heat.

We want to protect the future of our game, and protect the future of sport, which is vital to the social fabric of our communities. No one can do everything, but everyone can do something, so we're making pledges for our planet.

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