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Elle Kuhta

Byron to Bondi Coastathalon

17th July 2021

What am I doing...

What is the Coastathlon?

In July 2021 I will be running the coastline from Byron Bay to Bondi Beach. During a one-month period I will cover ~900kms, covering around 35kms per day. Besides my excitement to challenge mind and body, the Coastathalon allows me to combine my passions of running, ocean safety, and plastic awareness into one big adventure!

Single-Use Plastic Waste

Let's talk about coffee and the norm we have set around "paper cups." Although they look like they are made of paper, disposable coffee cups are usually lined with plastic - which unfortunately means they are not recyclable. Coffee and other hot beverage cups are estimated to be the second largest contributor to litter after plastic bottles, and this litter ends up in our ocean and the coastline.

The Pledge - How you can Help.

This problem is easily rectifiable by investing in a re-usable cup aka a "keep-cup." During my 30 day adventure I am asking that you practice a habit of preventing the use of single-use plastic when on the go - hot drink cups, water bottles, and cutlery.

If you use your office building's coffee cart, pop upstairs, grab a mug and ask the barista to use that instead. When on a bike ride or run, pack a collapsible cup. If you forgot your cup, consider sitting down at the café.

My Coastathalon will avoid single-use plastic - join me in this pledge to help keep Australia's (and the world's) coastline beautiful.