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Joe Sasada

Bikepacking South America

25th May 2023

What am I doing...

In January 2023 I began a solo unsupported Bikepacking journey across South America.

Beginning at the very northern tip of Colombia, at a place called Punta Gallinas in La Guajira desert, I have already pedalled over 4000km south, through Colombia into Ecuador.

I am typically eschewing the main roads in favour of more remote & more interesting dirt roads and mountain passes! Much more fun & much more challenging! I will keep going and the aim is to reach Argentina before next winter. Let’s see.

I’ve been quite vocal about the fact that I’ve embarked on this journey for me, and thus far I haven’t been inclined to tag on any charitable cause/fundraising aspect. No disrespect to those people who do, but it felt disingenuous in my particular circumstances.

However when I became aware of Pledge for the Planet, it really resonated with me. It’s the perfect way for people to support my journey, if you would like to make a contribution.

On this trip I am confronted on a daily basis with both the beauty of the natural world but also the effects of climate change and the negative impact of human behaviour. It’s been something weighing on my mind and while I’ve already made several small behavioural changes, I will pledge to do more.

- I will continue to not filter all my water and not buy drinks from plastic bottles

- I will go meat-free at least 1 day a week, ideally more where possible

- I will handwash / air-dry my clothes where possible (climate permitting)

The aim of Pledge for the Planet is not to convince people to become eco-warriors, or to make drastic changes to behaviour. It is about mobilising a conversation about these topics, and challenging people to think about what small but meaningful adjustments we can make to our lifestyles, which will cumulatively make a difference and drive bigger changes on a societal level. Behaviour is your currency.

I am super proud to make these pledges and I hope you would consider making a pledge on behalf of my trip too.